With a background in food sustainability and having lived and worked in Edinburgh for several years, I chose to start up Bloombox out of a need for delicious green fresh wholesome salads that are affordable and available on the go. Something I always struggled to find on my lunch break!

Iā€™m talking about a need for those mouth wateringly fresh salads that satisfy all salad cravings. Salads when you know the leaves have been harvested hours earlier down the road on an organic farm. When the ingredients reflect what produce is in season. When it tastes so good you wonder where the produce comes from.  When you feel like you are getting a boost of nutrients with each bite. Where the dressing is home-made and balances the various tastes. And of course where the garnish is edible flowers, making it irresistibly beautiful and fun to eat! This is what you can expect from a Bloombox salad.

I am happiest when foraging out in the local landscape, meandering through the woods or along the open-aired sandy beaches. Learning from the land and the seasons, getting to know all of the plant based nutrients on our doorstep. Then more importantly cooking and preparing delicious wholesome meals for family and friends. For me Bloombox is such a wonderful project because it means I will get to do this for the wider community now too!

There are many different unique elements to Bloombox besides it being a street food bicycle based business ā€“ its sourcing, its sustainable practices, its focus on nutrition, its support for the local economy & community, and its aim to make salad eating vibrant & fun! To read more about these features of Bloombox see the FAQs page.

 I really hope you enjoy Bloombox salads, as much as I enjoy making them for you!