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1st september 2015

bloombox's summary of summer

The pilot pre-order service with offices earlier this Summer in Edinburgh was a great success. At the same time we really progressed on the new collaboration with Saladpride in London - that became known as David&Joy. David & Joy is a company with values akin to Bloombox and it took on a similar form in the way it ran - it was a pop-up salad delivery service that used only local, seasonal and organic produce.

We quickly realised we were spreading ourselves too thinly across the two cities and so decided to relocate to London, which is where we will be based for the foreseeable future. There is chance of Bloombox doing pop-up events in Edinburgh on occasion, so keep following us to find out more. So much thanks to everyone who supported us during our time in Edinburgh!

To see what Bloombox is up to in London follow my personal profile joy__rose. The project David & Joy is still in its early phases to see what happens follow us on instagram & facebook.

1st April 2015

Bloombox this Spring

We want to let you know about some exciting changes happening at Bloombox this season - both the 2015 pilot in Edinburgh & collaborations in London.

Bloombox is starting the 2015 salad season with the #pilot2015officesonly testing out our new pre-order salad delivery service. We are a super small team and due to the unpredictability of spontaneous street sales we have had to refine what we do at Bloombox, we continue to serve salads but they will be pre-ordered and paid for online before we deliver it to your door!
It is a shame to take the spontaneity out of salads but as you can imagine it makes a lot more business sense this way and we are trying to build something that will run more consistently. This was a big decision for us - salads as street food was a great feature of Bloombox especially on a sunny day - so we thought we would provide a bit more context on why we made this decision.

We started Bloombox with a simple mission: Provide convenient access to locally sourced, sustainably produced, nutritious and, above all, delicious salads!

From the start, every major decision we made was led by this mission -- from choosing biodegradable packaging, to consistent supplies from local organic farms, to a convenient delivery mechanism (street sales at popular locations across the city, with GPS tracker and live updates). As a result, every day last season since the launch in June, up until Oct 2014, we have been humbled by our amazing customers and their enthusiasm for our products and, thanks to you, we were able to run Bloombox in a way we couldn’t have imagined in just 6 months.

In this period, we served hundreds of salads, juice shots, slices of sourdough and energy bars to happy customers in Edinburgh ( by street sales) and beyond (energy bars were sold via New Leaf Food Coop) and got some great press (FreundevonFreunden and River Cottage etc.). We launched our street sale service last June and our tiny team (just me and occasionally a few others) managed to create a good experience and it was something that was done with relatively minimal external capital that was raised from the fantastic crowdfunding campaign - which bloombox will always be so grateful to all our crowdfunder supporters for!

We were selling out most weeks but some weeks we overestimated sales that we would make. It felt like Bloombox could continue this year but it had to be in a more economically viable manner, so we decided to make the decision to end our street sale service for the time being and focus on building up pre-order delivery service, starting with offices first #pilot2015officesonly .

We also have been approached by several interesting folk across Europe and hope to do more collaborations with inspiring food businesses! We are starting with Saladpride in London so watch this space!

If you’re feeling generous with your time, I would love to get your feedback, drop me a quick email

Finally, a huge thanks from Bloombox for your kind words, enthusiasm and support. We wouldn’t be here without you – and we promise we won’t ever forget that.

With huge thanks,

Joy and the team

Sign-up your office for the Bloombox #pilot2015officesonly by sending us an email.

15th November 2014

 What is Bloombox up to this Winter?

Since the Bloombox salad season finished in October you might be wondering what Bloombox is up to from now until Spring 2015...

Totebags & Aprons have arrived: Get your hands on a practical and sturdy cotton totebag or go for one of our aprons. E-mail us if you're interested.

Designing delicious treats: Since there are no more salads being delivered we have had time to make Bloombox energy bars so everyone can have healthy homemade tasty treats this Winter. They are perfect for presents, so you can help your friends and family start off the new year in a healthy fashion! They were available from The New Leaf Coop from mid-late December but have now sold out as they were very popular! Keep following us on social media to find out exactly when & where you can get a hold of some this Spring!

Reflection time: We are looking back over this year’s salad season to plan and develop Bloombox going forward - we welcome any comments or improvements you think we could make for next season, e-mail us.

Gathering ideas: To pick up some other ideas we have been exploring other cities that have interesting street food scenes including Turin and Berlin. In January, we will spend some time on a small scale organic farm to contribute to their sustainable community and keep up our recipe development over Winter.