how can I contact bloombox?

e-mail us or follow us and get in touch on facebook, Instagramtwitter @bloomboxsalads.

what seasons can you get a salad delivered directly to your door?

Bloombox is a seasonal business - we make and deliver salads during Spring, Summer & Autumn.... April-October. We make Bloombox energy bars over the Winter months.

where will bloombox be located?

Bloombox has relocated to London for the forseeable future read more on our blog here

does bloombox deliver?

We do deliver but details of exactly where and when will be ironed out after the pilot phase.

where are the salad ingredients listed & do they contain nuts?

Most days there will be two different salads to choose from. Daily menus will be posted on all our social media on the morning of (to get an idea of the salads are like see our sample menu). They will always be suitable for vegetarians & vegans. They will contain nuts most of the time to provide a source of protein – it is important they are nutritionally balanced - but most days we will make a few salads without nuts so those who are allergic can still enjoy a lovely Bloombox salad.

 where does the produce come from?

All of the produce will come from local organic farms to ensure support for the local economy and that money goes to local farmers so they can continue to invest in making farming even more sustainable.

is all your packaging biodegradable?

Yes all of the packaging is from Vegware Packaging and is 100% biodegradable.

what does bloombox do to be sustainable?

It is important to us Bloombox strives to have a low impact on the environment. Obviously being a bicycle based business and one where we serve raw fresh foods means I will be using minimal amounts of energy or carbon to operate!

why is it called bloombox?

Bloombox uses produce that is in bloom, it also will always try to have edible flowers as a topping!

how did the idea of bloombox start?

See the About page.